Grow your business with music

Do you operate your own in-store radio and business background music service or do you think music would be an effective add-on service to your existing business? If you answered yes to either of those questions then our Licensing Agent program is for you. 


As part of our mission to provide music to businesses all over the world, Rightsify has introduced our Licensing Agent program. A licensing agent is an authorized third-party partner of Rightsify and sells background music to businesses in their territory or region.


Our Licensing Agent program is available to individuals and companies that work with businesses, whether your expertise is in sales, consulting, audio installation, food service distribution, insurance, marketing or digital signage, you can grow your revenue and open up a new recurring revenue stream by applying to become a Rightsify Licensing Agent today. 




 Why become a Licensing Agent?

  • A simple and easy way to grow your revenue.
  • Every business need a license to legally play music in their business. It's a service that sells itself. 
  • There are no upfront costs or investments required to become an agent. Just apply today and we'll get back to you asap!
  • Large revenue potential. We don't cap your earnings no matter how many sales you make.
  • Our support system is always here to help you with any licensing, rights or technical questions.
  • In addition to music licenses, you can also earn revenue from custom playlists, voice overs, mobile music applications and more. 
How It Works
  • Apply

    Fill out our licensing agent application at the bottom of this page. It’s free and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours

  • Connect

    We'll schedule a time with you to discuss more about how Rightsify works and to learn more about you and your business. 

  • Get Started

    We’ll provide you with training, marketing resources, music demos, copyright consultation and anything else you need to successfully launch your business as an agent.

Already run your own background music service? We can provide you with over 10,000 premium songs in almost every genre.
How do Licensing Agents earn revenue?
  • Music for every type of business
  • Rightsify License

    The Rightsify license and music service is our core product. Giving businesses all over the world a simple option of $10 / month or $99 / year to play unlimited music and including all licensing fees so they can legally play music in their business.

    With over 40 playlists and more than 10,000 songs, our service is suitable for businesses and public spaces of any kind.

    • Earn 30-50% from each license sold.
    • Over 40 playlists and 10,000 songs.
    • New playlists updated weekly
    • Businesses can stream the music online or play offline.
    • Use any device from a smartphone to tablet, laptop or PC.
    • All licenses are included so businesses don't have to pay any Performing Rights Organizations
  • Music for every type of business
  • RightsifyFM

    RightsifyFM is our fully customized music solution for brands. We develop fully branded music apps so businesses can enhance their brand and communicate with their customers anytime, anywhere.

    • Earn 20-30% from RightsifyFM sales
    • Fully branded music streaming apps developed for both iOS and Android
    • An online radio station player that can be embedded onto a brands website or even inside their own mobile application
    • 7 Custom playlists per week (one for each day) and updated every month.
    • Advertising and messages can be inserted into the music stream to generate additional revenue
  • Custom music on your schedule
  • Custom Playlists:

    Custom playlists are how we help businesses stand out from the competition and develop a unique sound identity that represents their brand.

    • Earn 20% from custom playlist sales
    • We provide you with demos and make custom demos for your clients on request
    • Client chooses from a range of styles and moods and we then create the playlist content per their requests.
    • Playlists can be made for a daily, weekly or monthly schedule or for one-off special events such as holidays.
    • 24-48 hour turnaround
  • Custom music on your schedule
  • Voice Overs

    Voice Overs are how we help businesses communicate with their customers. From On Hold messages for their phone systems to in-store announcements. We can craft, write and record voice messages for businesses in over 30 languages.

    • Earn 20% from voice over sales
    • Choose from a range of voice styles and personalities.
    • Multi-lingual voices available in over 30 languages
    • Voice messages can also be used for online videos, advertising and other marketing related purposes.
    • 24-48 hour turnaround
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