April 8, 2017 3 Reasons to Choose Rightsify as Your Background Music Provider

At Rightsify, we do In Store Music differently than most. Whether you are looking at it from a rights and licensing perspective or a music design and programming perspective, our service differs from other companies.

At the core of what we do is offering a solution for music rights holders to get paid and monetize their music while businesses have an easy to use and economically friendly music licensing partner. 

Let’s dive in to some of the reasons why you should choose Rightsify as your music provider

     1. Premium Music

At Rightsify all of our music is licensed directly from rights holders. Instead of getting a blanket license to major pop music we work specifically with artists of styles that make music that works well with businesses. While many background music services just provide a range of stations that play standard pop music all day, Rightsify goes custom and designs playlists that are right for your brand. Whether you’re a cafe, a retailer or a restaurant, Rightsify takes our music design seriously so the music we provide works for specific business types, brands and industries.

     2. Cost-Effective

As noted above, all of our music comes directly from the rights holders themselves. We don’t have to go through multiple industry middle-men or third-parties. The music goes from the artists to Rightsify to you. By creating an efficiency in the market we are able to offer significant cost savings to businesses as compared to them working with a legacy background music service or just getting a license from their local collection societies or PRO’s.

     3. Global Coverage

Another benefit of our direct deals with rights holders is that our service is global. Most companies and collection societies are limited by country as the music industry has traditionally been fragmented on a country by country basis. Rightsify is able to provide a license to any business in pretty much any country in the world with our music. And the best part, all of our music is cleared for global use so if you are looking for music for business locations in multiple countries you still have access to the same great music as you would for your original locations.

As a result, we strive to make our licensing and In Store Music service more unique and appealing than the traditional way of going about things. By making it easy for rights holders to get paid and making licensing more economically friendly for businesses we are changing the over century long way of licensing music for business.

Want to get licensed or interested in hearing more? For businesses under 1600sqft/150sqm you can get licensed today and if you have any questions, just contact us.