May 2, 2017 3 Ways Music Helps Your Business

From retail spaces to hotels and restaurants, music is key to representing your brand but also vital to keeping your guests and customers engaged. In addition to portraying your brand, In Store Music is a great way to communicate with your customers and curate their experience in your business.

How It Helps

– Broadcasting Your Brand: Choosing a sound that works for you. Think of the music that plays in your business as an extension of you. For example, smooth jazz in a hotel lobby or vocal pop in a clothing retailer, the sounds translate from you to the customer. 

– Setting the Mood: In addition to choosing the right music for your brand, it’s all about context and timing. For example, playing heavy metal or EDM at 7am doesn’t make a lot of sense for most businesses. Building a steady progression of sounds across the day is important so the environment seems right.

– Influence: Various consumer and marketing studies show that certain types of music affect purchasing patterns of customers. For example, upbeat music can lead to impulse purchases while slower music can lead to customers staying somewhere longer. 

How Rightsify Helps

At Rightsify, we provide one of the most cost-effective while professionally designed business music services around. By working directly with independent rights holders we are able to provide lower costs than competing services while also designing unique playlists for brands.

Want to know more about using Rightsify’s music in your business? Get in touch to find out more.