August 22, 2017 Customizing The Music In Your Business

When playing music in your business you want to make sure that the sound matches your brand. Whether your business is a coffee shop, clothing store, furniture store or a fine-dining restaurant, the sound that your customers are hearing should be something that connects with who you are as a company, and the products you sell.

At Rightsify, in addition to our pre-programmed global playlists covering many genres and business types, we also offer custom playlist design for businesses. Whether you are looking to create one playlist to perfectly match your brand or to have a unique playlist for each day of the week, we work with you to craft and design just the right sound. From morning to night, we design a sound that matches who you are as a brand and what your company represents.

When customizing music for your business, some key things to map out are:

– Who are my customers and what demographics do they fall under?

– What is my product and what does it sound like?

– What do we want our business environment to feel like?

Based on these answers we then get to work on designing your custom playlists so you can start broadcasting your own unique sound in your business. 

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