January 15, 2018 Four Great Playlists we added this Week

To kick off the new year we are back with new music and new vibes. From upbeat house music to nature sounds and classical music, we’ve got something for every business.

– New York City Lounge: New York City Lounge is an all new upbeat playlist with a fusion of musical styles. From house music to jazz, lounge and chillout, it spans almost four hours in length and takes customers on a journey. Don’t let the name through you off though, New York City Lounge isn’t just for lounges or businesses in NYC, these sounds work well for any retail, dining or leisure establishment that is hip and energetic.

– New Age Spa: New Age Spa is our newest updated to our growing collection of Spa and Wellness playlists. With New Age Spa, we have curated a mix of chill and ambient music that is both smooth, natural and modern. Clocking in at five hours and eighteen minutes, New Age Spa is perfect for setting the mood in your spa, lounge or any kind of health and wellness center.

– Nature Sounds: Nature Sounds is our first in this genre with a focus on natural sounds. From streams of water to birds and ocean sounds, Nature Sounds is perfect for businesses that have a nature and organic brand. 

– Piano Classic: Piano Classic is our take on the classy and upscale sounds you hear in hotel lobbies and restaurants the world over. With a simple, but effective soundtrack, Piano Classic is perfect for setting a mood of sophistication and luxury. We find it to be a great fit for hotels, fine-dining restaurants and any other luxurious establishment. 

Have any questions about our playlists or even want a playlist designed exclusively for your business? Get in touch with us today to learn more.