October 10, 2017 Four Reasons Why Rightsify Is Better Than Other Background Music Services

At Rightsify we make no secret of the fact that we do things differently. From how we license music to how we deliver music, we are modernizing the way businesses license music and how artists get paid.

Here are four quick reasons why Rightsify is the better option for music in your business:

– Artist Direct: All of our music comes from independent artists and rights holders. Meaning we scout the globe looking for unique and innovative music that works well in business settings. We help businesses design a unique music identity so they don’t sound like every other business.

– Easy To Use: Our system is incredibly easy to use. Either plug and play using any internet-connected device or if connectivity is a problem you can play offline. 

– Global: We are available everywhere. All of our music is licensed for the entire world so whether you are a restaurant in Europe, a cafe in the US or a hotel in Asia, you can license and play music from Rightsify that is fully licensed for business use. 

– Save Money: Did we mention this yet? Since we license all of our music from independent rights holders we can help businesses save up to 50% on their annual music licensing costs when compared to competing services and collection societies.

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