October 18, 2017 How Hotels Can Portray Their Brand With Music

From the second a guest walks into a hotel the first thing they should be hearing is music. Whether it’s a small lobby of a boutique hotel, a luxury business hotel or a full-service resort. From the moment a guest walks through the entrance on their way to the front desk your brand should be portrayed through music.

Here are three ways music can help you portray your hotels brand:

– Audio Identity: What you sound like is who you are. Having playlists that are specific to your hotel is vital to staying on-brand and creating the right environment. 

– Setting The Mood: Different times of day call for different music. In most cases, smooth and soft jazz and piano sounds work well for the mornings while slowly building up in tempo and energy throughout the day with lounge and deep house, for example.

– Ambience: Each area should have it’s own music strategy. While the lobby, hallways and elevators may play the same music, the store, restaurants, bars, gym, pool and executive lounge would be better off with their own unique sound. For example, in the common areas guests want to feel relaxed, while at the pool or gym they want to feel something with more energy. 

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