August 20, 2018 How Important are On Hold Messages for Hotels? Very.

Whether it’s a current guest who pressed 0 and needs to speak to a staff member or a potential guest who wants to ask questions about booking a reservation, having relevant, effective and regularly updated messages are an often missing ingredient in many hotels, big and small.

Keeping guests updated and promoting potential upselling opportunities are a key factor of Audio Marketing and is something a lot of hotels miss out on.

While most hotels do have on-hold messages of some form, in many cases they are a generic ‘Thank you for staying with us’ or a bland corporate message that plays on a loop. This isn’t an effective way of getting your message across nor is it providing any tangible benefits for your hotel guests.

Here are a few of the reasons On Hold Messages are very important for hotels.

– Inform: Notify your guests about the property. Let them know the dining, fitness and wellness options as well as nearby attractions. 

– Promote: The time when your guests are on-hold you are given a rare and free advertising channel to communicate with them directly. Let them know about special dining promotions, spa services or tour packages that can lead to generating upsell revenue. 

– Amplify Your Brand: Instead of just ‘Thank you for staying with us”. You can promote your rewards program and incentivize guests to join and become loyal visitors of your property. 

These are just three of the most important reasons to have on-hold messages and why silence or generic messages shouldn’t be considered.

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