October 31, 2017 How Music Can Influence and Grow Sales

In previous articles here at Rightsify we have gone into how music helps your business and how to choose the right music for your business. In this article we dive into some ways that music can influence customers and how it can help you grow sales in your business.

– Music as an Influencer: From classical piano and jazz sounds in a luxury clothing store to upbeat pop and dance music in a fast-food restaurant, music is one of the most important tools in formulating the exact environment that you want for your business. Numerous studies have shown over the years that music is what sets the mood and ambience in a business, from the volume to the genre to the acoustics and lyrics, having the wrong music or no music at all can be what makes or breaks your business. 

– Growing Your Business: While music is widely acknowledged as important for branding and creating the right environment for a business, music as a tool for sales growth is something that is not often factored in. For example, in an upscale fine dining restaurant or even a supermarket, slower music is something that will lead to an extended time spent there and most likely, a higher amount of revenue per customer.

At Rightsify, we provide curated playlists for any business type that are automatically day-parted to ensure that the music transitions in an appropriate manner throughout the day. We also design custom playlists for businesses that want an exclusive sound for their brand. If you’d like to know more get in touch with us today.