August 18, 2018 How To Find the Right Voice for Your Brand

When it comes to finding the right voice for your brand we don’t just mean your marketing voice and messaging but your literal voice as well.

There are a number of ways that people engage with your brand on a vocal level, whether it’s via on-hold messages, voice overs in social media videos or advertising voice overs. Each of these has significance in amplifying your brand message so ensuring you have the right voice and message with consistency is key. 

– Your Voice:  Choosing your voice is something you should carefully select and will always comes down to your brand and who your customers are. The ideal voice is one that relates to your customers and is someone they can connect with. It doesn’t have to be a famous celebrity for them to connect, just one that they can relate to and become familiar with.

For example, are you a luxury or fashion brand? Then a sophisticated female voice may be the best style of voice for you. Are you a sports retailer? Then a masculine male voice may be best for you.

– Consistency: Ensuring a consistent voice across your marketing is important. You don’t want to have multiple styles of voices on your phone, voice overs and elsewhere. This leads to a disorganized feel. 

For example, if you were to hire a different voice artist for every on-hold message or social media video this removes the opportunity for people to create more familiarity with your brand. If the voice works and is on-brand then you should definitely consider the benefits of building consistency with your voice. 

The only time having multiple voices makes sense is if you are promoting very different products to different demographics or are marketing in countries where you would require a fully localized approach. 

– Relevance: In addition to building familiarity between your voice and your customers, creating relevant messages is a way to drive a bigger connection. Whether it’s new products, a promotion, seasonal events or targeted offers, having fresh and relevant messages can keep your customers engaged and help you push your brand message more effectively. 

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