February 21, 2017 How To License Music For Your Podcasts

These days it seems that we are going through somewhat of a Podcast Renaissance. Far from being the niche content they were with the original release of the iPod, these days there are podcasts for everything. Whether it’s a celebrity hosted talk show, sports, political talk-radio style podcasts, or even fictional/audiobook style podcasts, there’s something there for everyone.

Music Licensing:

Regardless of the genre or format a podcast may be in, all podcasters have one common issue and that issue is music licensing. The laws and official procedures for licensing music in podcasts have been hazy for quite some time. Some assume it requires a standard synchronization license from rights holders. Some assume that a blanket public performance license from a PRO or collection society is all you need. Some even assume that approval from the artist will take care of things.

Unfortunately, the answer is none of the above. The reason podcasts differ from other types of music usage is because of the method of which they are delivered, via download. When a song is downloaded and placed onto a podcast this is considered a ‘reproduction’ right which is something a standard sync license or public performance license does not cover, hence the complex process of clearing music rights for podcasts. 

How To License:

While many podcasters have to jump through hoops to legally clear songs for use in their podcasts or end up settling for royalty-free stock music, at Rightsify we offer a premium music selection and a simple, 100% licensing solution for podcasters and podcast networks. By licensing all rights in one place, you can ensure that the music used in your podcasts is completely licensed and legal.

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