April 13, 2017 Introducing Licensing Agents: Our Music Reseller Program

Licensing music for businesses at scale isn’t easy. While businesses all over the world can license music from Rightsify in just a few clicks, getting the music configured and playing in businesses can be complex. From different hardware requirements to language barriers and bandwidth differences, there are a range of factors that come into playing music in businesses. With a mission to monetize our members music on a global level while providing businesses with an affordable music licensing and audio branding solution, we aim to work with third-party businesses and entrepreneurs to make this happen.

Today, we are proud to be introducing our Licensing Agents program at Rightsify. Licensing Agents are partners of Rightsify that work with us to expand the amount of revenue our members are paid for their music while creating a new way for Licensing Agents to boost revenues for their businesses.

By launching our Licensing Agent program, we are giving entrepreneurs and businesses an opportunity to increase the revenue of their businesses while giving our members a wider monetization network and expanded licensing footprint.

We have two categories of licensing agents at Rightsify that are applicable to a wide range of industries and service sectors. 

– For Individuals: For sales-oriented individuals that have a go-getter attitude or know a network of business owners. Individual licensing agents can either actively sell the Rightsify service to businesses in their region on their own time or simply refer customers to Rightsify. 

– For Resellers: For business service providers and agencies. Whether you work in web development, digital signage or hardware installation, you can grown your business and provide additional value to your customers by providing them with a Rightsify music license.

Some examples of businesses and industry sectors that can be Licensing Agents are:

– Business Consultants

– Business phone/On Hold service providers

– Digital Signage services

– Audio and video hardware installation services

– Marketing Agencies

– Sales Agents

– Telecoms

– Independent entrepreneurs that want to enter a unique and high-growth business sector

To become a Licensing Agent, please fill out our application form with some information about you and your business and we’ll get back to you shortly.