October 16, 2017 Is A License From Rightsify All I Need To Legally Play Music In My Business?

As part of our direct licensing platform at Rightsify, we provide businesses with all the licenses they need to play music in their business and help them save money by only paying for the music they use. At Rightsify, we operate entirely via directly-licensed music that is not registered or affiliated with any collection societies or PRO’s so as long as a business is only playing music provided by Rightsify, then they don’t need to pay any third-party collection societies.

So in short, the answer to the article’s question is yes. 

However, if a business is playing music from sources other than Rightsify then they will need a license from their local collection societies or PRO’s. A few examples of this are:

– Playing music videos on TV screens in your business

– Playing the radio in certain parts of your business

– Hosting live music or DJ’s. 

At Rightsify, a majority of our customers have no need to be playing music other than ours so they never have to pay additional fees to third-party collection societies. But in the case of some businesses that may host bands for live music or need to play music on TV’s such as in a bar or hotel then we assist our customers in acquiring these additional licenses. 

We understand that music licening is confusing and can sometimes lead to more questions than answers so if you have any questions just let us know and we’d be happy to help.