March 30, 2017 Music Licensing for Business

When it comes to operating a business, music licensing isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Whether you run a storefront shop, a hotel, a gym, or a restaurant, your first-priorities are most likely your product or service and running things day to day. 

But as many businesses know, in order to play music in your business a license is legally required and infringement of copyright can be very expensive. The traditional route for most businesses is to either pay an annual blanket license from your local collection society/PRO or to retain the services of a background music provider. 

The collection society/PRO license gives businesses the right to play most music from major pop acts as well as wide amounts of independent music. However, for many businesses this license doesn’t make much sense economically as they are paying to license music they might not ever play. The same also applies for legacy background music providers, the amount required for both the license and the service may not be ideal for many businesses as they are bundling in hardware and programming along with licenses from multiple collection societies/PRO’s, thus the costs can quickly become unfeasible for many businesses. 

At Rightsify, we provide businesses with what is called a ‘direct public performance license’. Meaning the music we license to businesses comes directly from independent rights holders, so with a license from Rightsify you are able to save significant costs on music licensing by only paying for the music you use. We also provide all business customers with an official licensing certificate that certifies that you have a public performance license from Rightsify.

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Ps. We just launched our new annual license for small business for only $99.99 / year.