April 21, 2017 Introducing our Chamber and Trade Associations Program

Fresh off the recent launch of our Licensing Agents program, today we are happy to be rolling out our Chamber and Trade Associations program.

At Rightsify we’ve decided to start a licensing program made specifically for local Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations so members of these groups have easy access to Rightsify’s music licensing service. Chambers of Commerce can range from a local city’s Chamber to statewide or nationwide trade associations. From restaurants to hospitality and retail groups, Rightsify has quality music and an economical licensing solution for members of your chamber of association. Rightsify makes licensing for businesses possible with just a few clicks while also providing discounts between 10-20% for members of Chambers and Trade Associations.

Some examples of Chambers and Trade Associations are:

– Local Chambers of Commerce

– Restaurant Associations

– Hospitality Associations

– Retail Associations

– Dental and Medical Associations

Want to know more? Check out our Chambers and Trade Associations page or contact us to start offering your members discounts on music licensing.