January 7, 2017 Rightsify Podcast Licensing

Podcasting has come a long way since the early days of iTunes. Originally becoming popular as additional content for iPod users and then falling off the map during the smartphone boom, Podcasts have had a major resurgence in recent years with more distribution and consumption options available, along with a wide variety of content styles. 

These days there are podcasts for everything. From celebrity hosted talk radio type shows, sports talk shows and documentary or fictional series podcasts. The amount of podcasts being created these days is larger than ever.

At Rightsify, we decided to kick off the new year by branching out and offering a unique music licensing solution specifically for podcast creators and networks. By offering an all-inclusive blanket license podcasters no longer have to worry about clearing music rights for their podcasts. By licensing music from Rightsify, the sound recording, composition and public performance rights are all cleared from one place, meaning they don’t have to contact multiple labels, artists, publishers or collection societies just to use music in their podcasts.

Our podcast licenses prices are based on the size and amount of listeners of a podcast. For example, our base license starts at $99.99 / year and that includes unlimited music for podcasts with less than 5,000 listeners/downloads per episode. The license pricing increases based on the amount of listeners there are for a podcast. Our licenses are global so there are no territorial restrictions to worry about. 

True to Rightsify form, we make sure that every time a rights holders music is used, they get paid. So every time a song is downloaded and used in a podcast, the rights holders get paid a royalty.

As we move forward into 2017 we look forward to working with podcast creators and networks on being the ideal music solution for their content.

Any questions? Just give us a shout.