October 22, 2017 The Keys To Successful In-Store Messages

When it comes to broadcasting in-store messages in your business, you want to make sure that your messages are relevant, useful and beneficial. While there are many different types of in-store messages you can insert into your playlists, here are the three keys to focus on to make your in-store messages successful. 

– Your Message: Having a clear strategy of what your message is and what you want to accomplish is important. Are you looking to build awareness and grow sales? Looking to inform your customers, thereby reducing staff resources? 

– Timing: The right time of day for certain demographics and targeting is important. It’s also vital to make sure you aren’t playing your messages to much or too little. For a busy retail environment, once per hour for a unique message is feasible with no more than four messages total per hour.

– Voice:You want to have the right voice for the right campaign. For example, a female voice when promoting women’s products while a male’s voice promoting men’s products. 

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