October 17, 2017 Three Reasons To Add In-Store Messages To Your Playlists

In addition to our custom designed playlists, we also offer In-Store messages as a way for businesses to communicate directly with their customers in-store. 

Not sure what In-Store messages are? In-Store messages are overhead announcements made in a retail or business setting. From a supermarket, to a pharmacy, a gym or even an amusement park. These messages are an effective way of communicating directly to customers and guests in your own environment. 

The way they work is voice messages are recorded with specific goals and messages in mind and once ready, they are then inserted and scheduled into your music playlists. 

Here are three reasons why you should consider adding In-Store messages to your music playlists. 

– Promoting products: Have a new line of product that’s just been released or a new service that’s available? Schedule to promote this service several times per day or even on the hour every hour. A great and simple way to get the word out.

– Company Announcements: Need to make an announcement about opening hours, classes, upcoming promotions or anything else? This keeps customers informed on key events and saves staff time and resources.

– Advertising Revenue: Open up your in-store airwaves to third-party advertisers, whether you’re a supermarket and a supplier wants to market their products or a local service business wants to market to the local community who are also your customers. This can be a significant revenue stream for businesses and you can control and ensure that all advertising is relevant and non-competitive. 

At Rightsify, we can provide In-Store Messages for your businesses with our Branded Radio Stations service. 

Have any questions about In-Store Messages or our Branded Radio Stations? Just let us know