August 21, 2017 Licensing Agents: The Two Different Types of Rightsify Resellers

A few months ago we introduced our Licensing Agents program here at Rightsify. Licensing Agents are reseller partners and distributors of our background music service across the globe. From the USA to Asia Pacific, we are building up a large network of companies and individuals that are involved in providing services to businesses and are in the position of providing our background music service as an add-on.

Like with most things in business, there is no one-size fits all solution so we have created two different reseller types for our Licensing Agent program. With those being:


Agents are most commonly individuals with experience as sales reps or consultants that have a network of businesses that they work with. Agents make money by simply referring Rightsify to businesses in exchange for a commission.


Resellers are companies who are involved in providing services to businesses, whether that’s digital signage, on hold messaging and phones, POS software or marketing agencies. Resellers can sell the Rightsify background music product under their own brand on a white-label basis throughout their region, whether that’s a county, state or country.

Want to become a reseller?

Get in touch with us today and tell us a bit about your business and learn how you can grow your revenue by working with Rightsify as a licensing agent.