December 7, 2017 Why Every Fitness Center Needs A Music Strategy

This is the third article in a series discussing Music Strategy and how it benefits all kinds of businesses. In the last article we discussed Music Strategy for Clothing Retailers and before that for Restaurants

With the boom in recent years of crossfire studios, bootcamps and other workout classes and styles, there has been a range of different franchises and fitness centers popping up to cater to each style and for different demographics.

While traditional multi-room gyms with a whole range of workout options are still the main way people work out, fitness centers of all kinds are looking for music to power their center.

Whether it’s simply playing overhead or in specific classes and rooms, music is key to keeping the vibe right and people moving.

Here are some reasons why having a music strategy is important for fitness centers and the different ways to utilize a music strategy:

– Classes: From crossfire to yoga to martial arts, playing music that represents the classes is important. While most fitness calls for high energy music such as EDM, different types of classes need different kinds of music. For example, yoga classes would have very different music than a cycling or Muay Thai class.

– Sections: From the pool to the sauna to the weight room, you want to have unique music that represents each area. For example, after a member just finishes a crossfire class or weight session, do they want to go to the sauna and listen to loud EDM? No, best to have chill out and downtempo music for this area.

– Overhead: While many people go to the gym simply to use the weights and don’t ever go to classes or anything else, you need a constant sound across the gym. Being high energy, dance music is often the tried and tested music to play in a gym. Uptempo, dance and vocal music is sure to get people active.

– Messaging: Fitness centers are also unique in how in-store messaging can be effectively targeted. Whether it’s throughout the entire center or to those in a specific class or room, you can broadcast announcements, promotions or any other updates you feel worthy of sharing. With messaging you can keep engaged and communicating with your customers right in your own setting.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation on a music strategy for your fitness center. Whether you are a standard gym or a center with multiple sections and classes, we can help you save money on music licensing while enhancing your brand.