February 3, 2016 Refer Your Friends And Earn More Royalties

For rights holders of all kinds, whether an artist, label, or publisher it’s always nice to have an additional revenue stream in addition to your royalties, which is why today we are rolling out our Referral Program at Righstify. 

With our Referral Program you can refer your friends and fellow rights holders to Rightsify and in return you get a commission of our share of the royalties collected, and you’ll also get paid every month.

How it Works

1. From your Rightsify account, you can find your referral code under the ‘Referrals’ tab.

2. To send it to your friends, you can either email them directly from your Rightsify account or just copy and paste the code into an email or chat message.

3. When your friends sign up using your referral code, our system tracks that you referred them and you’ll earn 10% of Rightsify’s share of the royalties. You can track your new referrals from your account in real-time and will receive your commission along with your royalty payments each month.

Where does the Commission come from?

The referral commission is derived entirely from Rightsify’s revenue earned from the referred member, so if you refer a friend this does not affect their earnings on Rightsify in any way.

How much can I earn through the Referral Program?

The Referral commission is 10% from our share of the referred members royalties. There’s no limit or cap to how much you can earn through the Referral Program.

Is there a limit to how many people I can invite through the Referral Program?

You can invite as many rights holders as you please. Note, that not all rights holders are accepted to join Rightsify but we don’t limit or cap your invites.

If you have any questions about the Referral Progam, just let us know.

If not, you can get started here.