August 9, 2018 Audio Marketing for Hotels

Audio Marketing for Hotels, the latest report from Rightsify outlines the different ways audio can be used to generate revenue for hotels, in addition to amplifying it’s brand message and improving the guest experience.

Having a sophisticated audio marketing strategy is important for hotels in the modern era to differentiate their brand and to create a unique and one of a kind experience. It’s also a way to directly generate revenue by creating an environment that leads to more impulse purchases and creating upselling and promotional opportunities through innovative messaging. 

What is Audio Marketing?

Audio Marketing, also known as audio branding, is the practice of marketing your business through sound. Whether it’s custom music, on-hold messages, voice marketing, or acoustic specs. Any function that represents your brand through sound is Audio Marketing. 

With Audio Marketing, there are three key attainable goals:

– Improve the guest experience

– Amplify your brand message

– Increase revenue

Studies repeatedly back up how audio can lead to direct revenue increases for hotels. Whether that’s with custom background music for the bar and restaurant or on-hold messages that are targeted towards your guests that increase restaurant reservations, spa services, or tour and event related revenue. 

The main components of Audio Marketing outlined in the report are:

– Custom Music

– On Hold Music/Voice Marketing

– Branded Music

– Media Music

The report can be downloaded for free here

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