August 22, 2018 Why Every Hotel Needs A Music Strategy

Our latest report, Music Strategy for Hotels dives into why hotels need a music strategy, how it can help them create the best experience for their guests and as outlined in previous reports, increase hotel revenue. 

Why music is important for hotels

From the moment a guest enters the lobby they are greeted with music. Ensuring that the music matches your brand and enhances the experience is a vital for any hotel.

These are three main goals for a hotels music strategy

1. Amplify your brand

The music is as important for your hotel as the furniture design and the lighting. Every sound and every song should be something that you approve of.  When choosing music for your hotel, ask yourself. Does this sound represent us well?

2. Improve the guest experience

Make sure that you are playing music that accurately blends with the environment of your hotel. From a smooth and welcoming sound in the lobby to an upbeat vive at the gym. Music can make or break the entire experience.

3. Increase revenue

Playing slow music at the right time can lead to people spending more on drinks at your F&B outlets. People will also spend less time in places when the music is fast and upbeat. Curating the music based on your goals and operations for each part of your hotel is a smart strategy to implement.

You can read and download the full Music Strategy for Hotels report here. Want a free consultation on your hotels music strategy? Contact us today.