Make your venue stand out with Rightsify’s music! From pop to ambient electronic tunes and everything in between, we offer high-quality soundtracks perfect for creating the right atmosphere. Our music is heard by 3 million people daily across 180 countries. We offer a simple, one-stop license for our music and can help you save significantly on your music licensing costs.

Rightsify globe-trots the world to bring fresh, exciting music everywhere! Our tunes are featured in relaxing spas and energizing gyms – not to mention on flights high above us and even while you shop.

Our Use Cases

Rightsify goes to every corner of the earth to create, curate and license our music. Here are some examples of the ways our music is being played everyday.
$99 year for unlimited music and all music rights.


For business background music, we do believe that one-size fits all in that we charge a flat fee of $99 per location for licensing and unlimited access to our expertly curated playlists. If you need custom playlists, multiple locations or music for your app, streaming service or school, please reach out about Rightsify Private Label and we’ll develop a custom solution that works for you.

How does Background Music work?

Any business in any country can sign up and get licensed to play music within minutes. You can stream the music directly from our site or download it to play offline.

What kind of music does Rightsify have?

We aim to cover all genres and styles of music. With over 150 playlists and millions of songs, there is a lot to choose from

Does Background Music include pop/commercial artists?

No, we do not include top 40 tracks that you are likely to hear on top playlists or radio stations. Rightsify’s music is entirely original and independent.

How much does Background Music cost?

Just $99 / year per location. That includes all licensing and streaming/download access. For 5 or more locations please get in touch with us for discount pricing.

How can I prove that I have a valid music license?

We provide all licensed customers with a license certificate confirming that you have a valid music license. This you can show to PRO’s if they inquire with your business about music licensing.

How can I play the music?

Simply plug in your device to your sound system and press play on the Rightsify site. It’s that simple. You can also download the playlists to your device which removes the need for your staff to login to Rightsify every day.

What countries is Background Music available in?

Everywhere. Background music service is fully licensed to provide music to business in any country worldwide. The only places we can’t are those with US trade restrictions such as Iran, Cuba, North Korea, or Sudan.