Rightsify is proud to introduce an innovative AI music generation model designed for both commercial and artistic applications.

Hydra, developed on a subset of Rightsify’s expansive music library, is here to revolutionize the way you create and utilize music.

Plans and Pricing



  • 10 free generations
  • No commercial use
  • Generations limited to 30 seconds


  • 150 generations.
  • Ideal for creators and artists
  • Commercial use across all mediums
  • Unlimited Remixes


  • 500 generations.
  • Ideal for businesses
  • Commercial use across all mediums
  • Unlimited Remixes

Use our generated music for:

Background music for content creators (social media, podcasts and live-streaming)

Releasing music on Digital Streaming Platforms (DSPs)

TV, Film, and Gaming soundtracks

Personal Productivity and Focus (education and therapeutic applications)

Music in Hospitality and Entertainment Venues (hotels, restaurants and attractions)

Advertising and Marketing

Event Soundtracks

Customized Ringtones and Alerts


Unlock limitless musical possibilities and use the music for any project or use case

Our Model Capabilities and highlights:

Extensive Training

Built on a dataset of more than 1 million songs (50k hours of music), featuring over 800 unique instruments and multi-lingual in 50+ languages.

Powerful Technology

Utilizing Nvidia H100 GPUs for unparalleled performance.

Instrumentals Only

Hydra focuses on creating instrumental music, samples and backing tracks, no vocals or deep fakes.


Generate audio from 3 seconds to 1 minute in length and remix your tracks with pitch and tempo changes, reverb, audio trimming, looping, mastering, stem separation and more.

For Artists

Generate custom samples and loops, whether you need to generate solo instruments, beats or inspiration for a new song.

Detailed Prompts

We encourage you to provide detailed context, genres, instrumentation, key, descriptive words and tempo for better results.



What is Hydra?

Rightsify’s advanced AI music generation model for generating unique, copyright-cleared instrumental music and sound effects.

Who can use Hydra?

Businesses, content creators, artists, and anyone needing original music for commercial or artistic purposes.

How do I access the API?

API access is granted based on each specific use case. Please register your interest for API access.

Can I use the music generated for commercial purposes?

Absolutely. All music generated is cleared for perpetual commercial use under Rightsify’s copyrights.

If I cancel my subscription can I still use the Hydra generated output?

Yes, if you cancel your subscription, you can still use the music generated by Hydra. The output you’ve created during your subscription period can be used in perpetuity. This means that any tracks generated while you were a subscriber remain available for your use indefinitely, regardless of your subscription status.

How detailed should my prompts be?

The more detailed, the better. Specify genre, instrumentation, key, tempo, and context for optimal results. You can even add keywords for context such as activities, moods, energy and more.

Can Hydra generate music based on existing songs or melodies provided by users?

No, Hydra cannot generate music based on existing songs or melodies. It was trained exclusively on Rightsify-owned catalog. Rightsify is committed to respecting copyright, and the Hydra dataset is limited to Rightsify’s data to ensure the uniqueness and legality of the generated music.

Is there a limit to the number of times a track generated by Hydra can be used commercially?

There is no limit on the commercial use of music generated by Hydra. Users can utilize each output as many times as they wish in any commercial project, providing great flexibility for business and creative endeavors.

Can Hydra be integrated with other music production software or tools?

Yes, Hydra can be integrated with other music production software or tools. You can download your generated music in WAV format and load it into your DAW or software of choice. Developers are encouraged to register for early access to the Hydra API. We look forward to helping you build next generation music products.