At Rightsify we represent one of the worlds largest collections of independent and royalty-free music. None of our music is registered with PRO’s or collection societies anywhere in the world which gives us the unique advantage of being able to license any business in any country worldwide on any medium, whether online or offline.

We make things easy, simple and cost-effective for you. With Rightsify, your Cafe can get licensed, play music legally and access over 250,000 songs while savings upwards of 50% compared to PRO’s and competing background music providers.

Why do I need a music license?

To be compliant with copyright law, if you are playing music in your premises or part of a digital service offering, you need a valid music license to play music from the copyright holders. Rightsify represents one of the worlds largest collections of independent music and a viable alternative to PRO’s, we help you save money while paying artists directly.

Annual License
Instantly access over 100 playlists and 250,000 songs for just

$99 USD

/ year. All rights included.