November 5, 2017 5 Great New Playlists We Added This Week

With a diverse set of businesses signing up for Rightsify we have put together five new playlists that work for their businesses and many others. From music for spas to cafes, diners and bars, these five playlists are prime and ready to be played in your business today.


– Chill House:

With deep house continuing to become more prevalent in pop music and in retail and hospitality settings across the world, we have been getting requests for more deep house playlists to add to our already large deep house collection. 

Chill House includes almost 7 hours of deep, groovy and chilled out deep house tracks with vocals and non-vocals alike. Chill House works exceptionally well for outdoor spaces, whether it’s a rooftop pool or bar, this playlist is both fresh and accessible.


– Country Free:

Country Free is our first entry into Country music at Rightsify and with that we’ve included 3 hours of country songs with guitar ballads and harmonious strings. 

Country Free is great for diners, bars, convenience stores and main street businesses. 


– Speakeasy Soundtrack:

With Speakeasy Soundtrack, we’ve included classical and smooth jazz music with pristine pianos to give your hotel, bar or restaurant the unique vibe of a speakeasy during the prohibition days. 


– Spa Sounds: 

Spa Sounds includes a range of relaxing, chill out sounds that are perfect for creating an environment for positivity and relaxation.

Spa Sounds works great for massage, yoga and wellness centers of any kind. 


– Club Vibes:

Club Vibes includes energetic dance music for a hip and young setting. Whether it’s a bar or a clothing retailer, Club Vibes has all the styles of a modern nightclub or dance music festival. 

Have any questions about our playlists or even want a playlists designed exclusively for your business? Get in touch with us today to learn more.