December 14, 2017 Holiday Promo: Save 30% on an annual license (Just $69 / year)

Looking to save money this Holiday season? We’ve got a very special Holiday deal for you. From now until January 1st we are offering 30% off our annual license pricing. What is usually $99 / year is now $69 / year for two weeks only.

From retail spaces to restaurants and hospitality, this gives you a way to save money for the Holidays while playing music that fits your brand and gets your customers and staff in the Christmas spirit. 

What does the $69 annual license include?

Full access to all of our playlists (25+)

 Streaming access and offline mode

Licensing certificate which confirms you do not have to pay any PRO’s or collection societies.

Have any questions or ready to get started? Click here to sign up or contact us if you have any questions.