June 2, 2017 Introducing Branded Radio Stations for Business

Since we launched our In Store Music service earlier this year we have been providing blanket licenses to a variety of business types all across the world, from the US to Australia and across Southeast Asia, and today we are happy to be rolling our our Branded Radio Stations for businesses.

What is a Branded Radio Station? To put it simply, it’s a curated music station that is created specifically and exclusively for your business. From creating custom music programming for each hour, day and week along with adding custom messages and even third-party advertisements. Our Branded Radio Stations create a fresh additional revenue stream for your business along with a new to way to communicate with your customers all while enhancing your brand.

By playing custom music programming in your business you can stand out from other businesses and play music that exclusively fits your brand while adding a revenue stream that can grow every month.

For more information on how to setup a Branded Radio Station for your business, get in touch with us today.