January 11, 2018 Introducing Rightsify FM: a New Way for Hotels to Enhance the Guest Experience with Music

Today we are very happy to be rolling out Rightsify FM

Rightsify FM is our all new, fully customized music solution for hotels. From independent boutiques to global luxury brands, Rightsify FM can be used as an effective way of enhancing the guest experience and connecting with hotel guests.

With Rightsify FM, we design custom playlists for each area of a hotel and update those playlists every week. We also build a fully branded online radio station for a hotel so they can be broadcasting music and messages to their guests anywhere in the world. In addition to that, we also develop fully branded mobile music streaming applications where guests can see what music is playing in the hotel at any time while a hotel can communicate with guests anywhere in the world. 

Some of the benefits of Rightsify FM are:

– Entirely custom music. Every song is handpicked to match your brand and the music is updated every week. Always fresh, never repetitive. 

– Broadcast 24/7. You can connect with your guests anytime, anywhere. 

– Insert messages. You can add voice or in-app messages so you can talk directly to your guests and keep them informed.

– Additional integrations. Optional integrations are: reservations, loyalty rewards, food/service ordering, and e-commerce.

For more information about Rightsify FM, please contact us. You can also read the full press release here