March 8, 2018 Introducing Free Trials: Now Every Business can try Rightsify Free for 7 Days

Today we are happy to be rolling out 7-day free trials to businesses anywhere in the world.

From restaurants in the United States to hotels in Asia, cafes in Europe and gyms in Australia and New Zealand, businesses everywhere can now try Rightsify free for 7 days. 

We offer more than 40 expertly curated playlists comprising over 10,000 songs so there is something for every business. We also have our built-in recommendation engine Identify which helps you find just the right playlist for your business.

With a 7 day free trial business can:

– Play our music in your business free for 7 days. You will not be charged unless you continue your trial after the 7 days

– You can access all of our playlists and play the music in your business as much as you want during the 7 days. 

– You can stream the music using any device (laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone) 

Get started with your free trial today and see why businesses all over the world are choosing Rightsify to power the music in their business.