November 17, 2017 Why Every Clothing Retailer Needs A Music Strategy

This is the second article in a series discussing Music Strategy and how it benefits all kinds of businesses. In the last article we discussed Music Strategy for Restaurants. In this article we dive into the ways that Music Strategy for Clothing Retailers helps them connect with customers, increase brand loyalty, create the right vibe and grow sales. 

Clothing represents who people are as an individual so it’s no mystery why clothing brands and music go hand in hand. A clothing brand wants to connect with it’s customers while the customer wants to wear a brand that appeals to who they are.

From luxury wear to business wear, to skateboard wear and beachwear, clothing retailers are at the forefront of using music as a branding tool. The reasons why and how clothing retailers need a music strategy are numerous, but here are just a few of them:

– Audience: These are your customers. Every clothing retailer needs a sound that represents your brand and appeals to your customers. While some brands do target diverse demographics from age to gender there is more of a balancing act to play, but overall the sound you play is something that your customers would listen to on their phones, at home or would just enjoy regardless.

– Branding and Uniqueness: This adds further to the above on music and styles. The sound you play in your business should be both unique and representative of your brand. Let’s say your store is in a busy shopping mall with other clothing retailers, how do you stand out? Do you want to play the same Calvin harris and Kygo songs as everyone else? Regardless of the brand, target demographic or style, being unique is very important. Don’t sound like every other brand.

– Environment: Creating the vibe is another key to making it happen. From store design to location, you want the music to create the right mood, in addition to being on brand. As with every other business, it’s important to have the right tempos and styles playing at certain times of day. For example, a clothing retailer at a mall might not be very busy at the 10am opening hour but maybe 3pm or even 5pm things start getting more busy. 

Every clothing retailer is different based on the brand, location, and style. However the principles behind a clothing brands retail music strategy is the same. Being on brand, unique and connecting with your customers are all key points.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation on a music strategy for your brand. At Rightsify, our service is available globally and we don’t have any territorial restrictions like other service providers so your music can be consistent across every store, in every city, in every country.