March 27, 2017 Introducing Rightsify Direct: Our New Direct Public Performance Licensing Program for Rights Holders

At Rightsify we’re all about making sure rights holders get paid when their music is played, anywhere in the world and from any usage.

As we noted in a previous article, In Store Music, the practice of music being played in public and businesses is the most underrated and untapped revenue stream for rights holders, a sector which just a few years ago was estimated to be worth around €2.35 billion ($2.53 billion USD and growing).

Today, we are happy to be rolling out our new program for rights holders to monetize their music in public, Rightsify Direct. Rightsify Direct is a direct licensing program where we license our members music for public performance in businesses while our members get paid directly from us every month. By giving our members a way for them to directly monetize their music from public businesses, this introduces a fresh and innovative model for them to get paid from their music. While the online streaming and sync licensing marketplaces tend to be crowded and saturated, Rightsify Direct opens up new doors in a global market for rights holders everywhere. 

Historically, there has been no way for music usage to be tracked when played in public. Either businesses don’t report the data to collection societies or legacy background music service providers don’t collect and track all the usage data of the music that is played.

With Rightsify Direct, we track what music is played so our members get paid accurately and in a timely manner.

To join Rightsify direct and start monetizing your music, apply for membership today and we’ll get back to you shortly.