At Rightsify, we're a one stop shop and global provider of high-quality and engaging in-store music for cafes, hotels, fitness centers, restaurants, retail shops and other physical business establishments.


We help businesses create a unique sound identity all while providing them with music licenses and cost savings. All of our music at Rightsify is directly licensed from independent music rights holders so a license from Rightsify is all you need to legally play music in your business.



Why Rightsify?


  • Fully licensed. All music rights are included by Rightsify so you don't have to pay your local collection society/PRO.
  • Diverse and quality programming. We carefully select every song so all the music fits your brand and is free of offensive or explicit content.
  • Play music directly from any modern web browser and device. Don't want to use bandwidth for streaming? You can also play the music offline.
  • Custom Playlists and overhead messaging. We can design custom playlists just for your brand and record voice overs for overhead ads in your business.